Since our early 20s, whenever we’ve required a big gig item for my apartment (and eventually, our home)—like a couch, mattress, kitchen table and so on—We’ve always bought the cheapest, nicest-looking item I could find like any person would. Well here we are ten years later, and we’re wondering how smart this strategy was. My couch, which only cost $600 and looked great for about a year, has this permanent black gunk on the arms that I can’t get rid of because the fabric can’t be removed. (Nicer sofas have zippers everywhere so you can take off and wash the material.)
Then again, I’m glad I didn’t spend too much on a couch because after decades of thinking I never wanted children, I changed my mind in my late 30s. I now have a toddler who jumps on the couch a lot, spills stuff everywhere, and colors just about everything with markers. I’ve been wondering what I should do the next time I’m shopping for something that could cost a lot of money. So I asked some experts when it’s best to spend more for quality on big-ticket household items and when it makes sense to find a budget option and save your cash. How to find perfect luxurious furniture 

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