Is Expensive Furniture Worth it?


 So, Won’t Cheap Furniture Wear Out Easier and Quicker?


These days, quality furniture is easy to find and it doesn’t have to be expensive. I tend to steer clear of the lowest quality furniture, such as the pieces found at Living Spaces and stores like it, but if you look carefully, you can find local stores that sell decent furniture at a decent price.

Yes, most likely. You don’t expect a $400 sofa to last as long as a $4000 sofa. But then again I don’t necessarily want it to. People have cats. People have babies. My friends and family have young children. Those factors put together mean that sofas and rugs can be trashed long before the cushions wear out! Cat scratches, spit-up, and ground up crackers will eventually wear down the couches. And then end up having to replace them. Maybe taste can change by then, so it will be nice to make a change without worrying about the money you spent.
If you’re were single, don’t want kids, and have no pets, you would probably be willing to spend more on furniture, but cheap furniture gives peace of mind. You should want to enjoy your furniture, not worry about stains and wear.

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